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BED - Back End Developer?

January 28, 2019

I recently encountered a weeeeird case where Backend guys were expecting everything from the frontend side. Hide/Show logic or conditional rendering, css, new html structure, etc from the frontend. HOWEVER, we are not talking about ReactJS or VueJS. We are talking plain old static html,css and JS with hints of jQuery.

So… let’s think about the pipeline/workflow.

  1. FED does produce the HTML/JS/CSS
  2. BED gathers the assets (HTML/JS/CSS structure) and stuck it into their system without knowing what are they doing
  3. BED, after trying for a couple hours, tells FED that produced assets don’t work.
  4. FED realizes that BED have been tweaking the assets and assets don’t match at all on both sides.
  5. Client starts to get anxious because they want the ticket done asap
  6. BED waits for FED
  7. FED get all the attention
  8. Client realized they need to sort a list of items not only by date but as well by time
  9. BED tells FED they can’t do that from their side
  10. FED has to deal with everything

So, the question is, what is the role of a BED?

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