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Goals version 2019

February 09, 2019

Yeah. I know. This stuff you do it on the very first day of the year but hey! Better late than never right?

Why I am doing this?

I guess is my own way to measure success. I need some sort of accountability and as well a way to track progress along the way. I want you to know what I did, when and how, so you can be a witness of the whole thing.

Why should I care what Iggy is actually doing?

You shouldn’t. I am not expecting something from you. This is my way to prove everyone what I have accomplished during a year. Of course, I will update on the blog so, we will have part 1, 2, 3, and so on.


Ok so let’s get back to business. here is my current plan for this year, divided in different sectors or foundational pillars

  1. Family

    1. Spend quality time with family and friends
    2. Travel more
    3. Get out often with family
  2. Career

    1. Be promoted ( July 2019 )
    2. Be proactive with clients
    3. Give back to the dev community (meetups, conferences, …)
  3. Health

    1. Loose weight ( Target: 80kg )
    2. Eat plant based diet
    3. Only organic (certified food)
    4. Don’t stress about work
    5. Be able to separate work from own time
  4. Financial

    1. Side hustle to generate extra income ( Youtube/Twich/Podcast/… )
    2. Invest in market property (Waaaay to dificult I guess but we never know)
    3. Create different streams of passive income ( startups? )

Yeah I know it is very vague for now but I guess I could go deeper and deeper and get lost in details. So for me this is good enough. This could be a reference card to know what I do want to accomplish this year. On the next post let’s write about the Career goals. Until then go wild with the code.

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