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February 10, 2019

If you are a web developer working on Windows, within a large corporation, I bet you have faced one or more issues regarding firewalls, environment variables not being there, proxies, etc. Even when you had installed everything, you do an npm install and… it doesn’t work. It just hangs. WHYYY!?

So in order to solve this particular issue, I believe we can do some work around using DOCKER!

So what is docker? Docker is a platform that allows you to create containers to develop, run and deploy apps.

What is a container?

A container is a live instance of an docker image.

Wow, docker what?

Docker has some images which correspond to executable packages runtimes, libraries, enviroment variables. Let’s just think that is a kind of folder with everything you need to start developping your app.

Ok a container is that image going live and docker (the platform, remember?) can be composed and run from multiple images ( or at least this is what I think).

Why docker is great?

  1. Because of it’s container system. This brings in to the sauce all the elements to a box where what ever you put inside cannot affect other boxes (containers). Everything is… contained.
  2. Because it’s lightweight compared to having a full VM with a full OS inside. (Thinking… Can you use a raspberry pi with docker?)
  3. It’s portable. you can develop on local, deploy online and run everywhere (apparently… you know still I am a n00b on this topic).
  4. Many other things that I am currently not aware of (Of course…).

So how can I get started?

Technically you can go to docker and download the Community Edition version, HOWEVER, (thank you Microsoft), mortals with Windows 10 that is not PRO or enterprise edition can’t install that. If you are one of the luckiest one just like me we can use Docker Toolbox and try to get started…

Aaaaand it’s kinda late so…

To be continued…

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