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January 10, 2019

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If you are an active developer, I’m pretty sure you know exactly what this post is about. We are aware of the constant battle for CSS. Should we use CSS in Javascript or should we stick injecting all the styles in one single file before the any Javascript code?

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I guess there are different opinions for this matter. My favorites are:

  • I really don’t care as long as the styles are applied
  • “We should only use CSS in JS.
  • “Only one dev to rule the entire frontend.”
  • “Do not touch the foundations of how the websites and web browsers work.”
  • “Why should I bother to use Javascript if I can acheive the same thing with only 1 CSS rule?”

Whatever your opinion is, I guess we both can agree that times are ’a changin‘.

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7qQ6_RV4VQ

We are heading towards exciting times. There is no Javascript fatigue, I guess there are people that do not bother to try, learn or play with new technology. How are we supposed to be better at our jobs if we keep doing what we are doing? Say you have an old project from 5 years ago. It is working and your product is the best. Would you leave it as it is, or would you update the whole system to make it better, faster, prettier?

On the short term, one is costing you money and precious dev time, the other one gives you already income. On long term, one will make you be on the top of the tech wave, the other one will lead you to a lot of issues.

Which one would you pick?

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I know for sure what I will pick.

Finally I want to end this post with an extra comment. Recently I came accross with an interesting tweet. I’m talking about people adopting some technology on an early stage that think they are somehow better than someone who just recently learned or is learning the very same.

Plain and Simple: ”WE DONT CARE!

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But just in case. Always be open and kind with other people. They could be better than you on another field, and you never know when you may need their help. How will that make you feel if they tell you that you are not good enough and they are the best because they have been doing the ’’ for years now?

So yeah… be considerate, share the knowledge, and never stop learning.

Iggy Pops - Ignacio Garcia Villanueva

Written by Iggy Pops - Ignacio Garcia Villanueva , a javascript journeyman rocking his way to the top of the JS world. You should follow him on Twitter... he is good!